In early 2016, George F. Will and Peter Wehner offered intense, disturbingly accurate predictions

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It’s well known that many “establishment” Republicans said very harsh things about Donald Trump during the primaries — and that most abandoned their objections when Trump became the presumptive nominee in May of 2016.

It’s also well known that a few Republicans not only stood their ground but became even more strongly opposed to Trump during the campaign, and throughout his presidency.

I took a look back at what some anti-Trump stalwarts were saying at the beginning of 2016, by which time it was becoming apparent that he might actually win the nomination.

It’s not surprising that their comments were strongly worded, or that their assessments of Trump’s character were accurate and insightful. But I was surprised at their ability to foresee certain aspects of the Trumpian future in such uncanny detail. …


Cynthia Giles

Writer at large, Ph.D. in interdisciplinary humanities. Persistently curious! Creating “The Constance Project” and a new Tarot book.

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