Excerpts from a vintage interview with the American Taoist master Charles Belyea

Photo by Marc Zimmer on Unsplash

Language, dreams, and Tarot

Photo by Filip Kominik on Unsplash

An update from the Beinecke Library + some Tarot perspectives

An outlier raises her hand . . . .

A deeper view of divination

Widely found on the web — reputedly taken at Woodstock. Photographer seems to be unknown.

A quick-reference list of the stories so far

The Historical Tarot: A Prologue

The Historical Tarot: Facts and Questions

The Historical Tarot: Art and Origins

The Historical Tarot: Symbols and Influences

The Esoteric Tarot: Backgrounds

A very quick tour!

A diagram representing the Kabbalistic Tree of Life
  • The righthand column is called the Pillar of Mercy, and it is the male/active/positive side
  • The lefthand column is called the Pillar of Judgment, and it is the feminine/passive/negative side
  • These “opposites” are reconciled in the Middle Pillar

From ancient mysteries to magical mysticism . . .

Wheel of Fortune, in the styles of (left to right) Oswald Wirth, Eliphas Levi, and Papus

Another perspective on the Tarot’s most “difficult” cards

Theodore Roszack’s theory of cycles + Sullivan Hisman’s restoration of early printed Tarots

Cynthia Giles

Writer at large, Ph.D. in interdisciplinary humanities. Persistently curious! Creator: “The Constance Project,” and Dreamfish Press. cynthiagiles.com

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