Excerpts from a vintage interview with the American Taoist master Charles Belyea

Photo by Marc Zimmer on Unsplash

Another perspective on the Tarot’s most “difficult” cards

Theodore Roszack’s theory of cycles + Sullivan Hisman’s restoration of early printed Tarots

Capturing the mythic dimensions of Easter . . .

Who, what, why . . .

Six trumps from the never-published “Kyriel Tarot”


Some seriously interesting Tarot lore

Etteilla, “Gypsies,” and the dawn of Tarot divination

This Etteila-style deck from around 1850 was in the collection of Stuart Kaplan, until it was sold in 2006.

Enter Etteilla

From Cosmopolitan and The New York Times to NBC Think, Aeon, and Mental Floss . . .

And you’ll be surprised at what they came up with . . .

  • Each artist from a selected group was asked to recruit five more artists — creating a randomized group with unpredictable connections. Each of the resulting 78 participants was assigned a Tarot card, based purely on chance, and was asked to create a work inspired by the card.
  • Artists were free to use any medium, but almost all submitted paintings. …

Planning the search + defining some questions

On the left: Justice, from the Haindl Tarot. On the right: Strength, from the Dali Tarot. Background: USGS


Cynthia Giles

Writer at large, Ph.D. in interdisciplinary humanities. Persistently curious! Creator: “The Constance Project,” and Dreamfish Press. cynthiagiles.com

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